VG Waymer is from Boston, MA. She attended Pratt Institute in New York and New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston. 

Self taught as a digital artist, VG incorporates traditional methods into the digital realm. Her work is a bond between traditional methods and the infinite flexibility of today's illustration tools.  Influenced by Antonio Lopez, Patrick Nagel, George Stavrinos and the amazing David Downton, VG seeks to share her own unique style into fashion as it stands today. Focusing on what may not be perceived as “traditional” beauty VG seeks to portray positive imagery of all women. Diversity is key.

“Give the client what they want but be sure to retain the very reason they contracted you in the first place.”  

Creativity, authenticity and the pop that'll make someone buy your product. 

  • Fashion illustration

  • Editorial illustration

VG can be found in social media feeds and in her work for prestigious clientele Please visit her on the usual social media platforms..

Download her tearsheets here.





Inspired by @simplyroniss

Inspired by @simplyroniss