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Really excited to finally offer limited edition prints. Check out the latest pieces in my online store. Limited edition prints depicting two pieces begun during Inktober 2016. Prints are 24"x30" unframed printed on bright white archival type paper. Each print is signed, verified and numbered by the artist. Twenty-five prints of each available. Shipping available worldwide.


Inktober 2016 Part 2

Well we made it! If you search the hashtag #Inktober2016 you will find thousands of drawings from artists all over the world. It's fun and somewhat taxing to have to produce something that you think aligns with the daily prompts and satisfies your inner critic. After I bashed the critic into unconsciousness it became easier although I have at least five false starts that I saved to resume later. Here are the last of the sketches with the prompts listed. You can find the daily commentary on Instagram @ochunsita8246

Inktober 2016

Inktober is a fun way to hone your skills as an artist. You can read more about it's creator, Jake Parker. I've tried to hang in there over the years but this year it seems to have been a bit easier. (Better not jinx myself)...Here are some of the daily images from Instagram and I hope to add more of the successful ones. The images shown here are rendered in Sketchbook Pro and will be part of an upcoming project.

Lesson #4 Brick Lane Gallery or What I Learned About Setting Up A Show in the UK

4. Why Are There Rabbits in My Artwork?

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The math alone is dizzying. Since 2009 I have drawn something, a fashion figure, celebrity fan art, doodled something almost everyday. I have my favorites and can get overwhelmed easily when asked to make a choice. How do you hone down 7 years of digital work? As I lost sleep over which pieces to choose I began to ask myself why, if I'd known that this day was surely going to arrive, I'd not prepared something in advance? Like a folder filled with my favorites, best examples of rendering or maybe even a piece that followers "liked" a lot? Seriously I wondered if there were actually rabbits in my dreams?

When I expressed this feeling to my son he calmly replied that the choice was mine because I'd been invited, not the other way 'round. He then said that I needed to get used to it because all artists have difficulty choosing unless the work has been purposefully created for a specific show. Lightbulbs flashing, I took that gem of advice to heart. Freedom. No matter what I couldn't be wrong. So what would I do if I wasn't scared to choose something unexpected? Something that shows where my focus really lies?  

Over the past 7 years I have found an increasing amount of imagery featuring women of color. However diversity is sorely lacking when the catwalk of some designers showcases an "esthetic" that women who look very different from me. When I was in college I never noticed that my very large portfolio contained an absence of Black women or just women of color. Back then Antonio Lopez drew Pat Cleveland and Grace Jones. My (online) portfolio no longer leather and extremely heavy showcases women whose skin is blue black and albinism is beautiful to me. My final choices became obvious then the rabbits moved over a bit to accommodate me.

The name of the series is: The Hashtag #melanin

Lesson #4 - Take a risk. This lesson certainly doesn't mean that you should be careless about what you're doing but focuses on caring LESS about what people think of you and more of what you think of yourself and your work. 

Final Lesson? What Did I Choose?

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the hashtag #melanin - Giannina (in progress)

the hashtag #melanin - Giannina (in progress)