Lesson #3 Brick Lane Gallery or What I Learned About Setting Up A Show in the UK

3. Dollars to Donuts and British Pound Sterling

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The logistics of preparing for a show are somewhat foreign to me. My prior experiences involved me handing off work to the curator or gallery owner and then devoting my attentions to what I was going to wear to the opening. 

Because the timing was critical to pulling all this off I asked for advice from Iolabs whose services I was extremely pleased with for the DNA Exhibition. Emma was helpful but the timing, specifically shipping, the costs and the absence of a Plan B should the work be delayed or worse yet lost made my curls stand up at least two inches higher and my mood plummet dangerously close to the stress - eating on switch. My godmother offered her help with the selection and that was enough of a reminder to listen to my heart. Then after chatting with a friend it all seemed doable if not glaringly obvious because she cheerfully asked if I'd considered preparing the pieces in London. I love my friend. Seriously. DUH.

The gallery manager was wonderful recommending several printers all within a reasonable distance and with good reputations. Now onto narrowing down the pieces. Down into the rabbit hole.

Lesson #3 - Talking it over with your posse helps. Not every one of my friends is an art expert. Some of them feign the inability to draw a straight line. But most of my posse knows me...sometimes better than I do myself. They know that I won't think of the obvious options because I'm still mulling over Lessons #1 and #2. My gut is my guide but the logistics lie a bit higher up.  Call for reinforcements. Your guides. Those within a text away and those reached by meditation and prayer. 

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the hashtag #melanin - Giannina2 detail

the hashtag #melanin - Giannina2 detail