Lesson #5 Brick Lane Gallery or What I Learned About Setting Up A Gallery Show in the UK

5. Glitches, Gremlins and Stressing

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With the pieces and the printer selected the remaining actions were to upload, coordinate delivery and correct the proposed flyer that Brick Lane Gallery sent me.

I'd decided to go with imagery of the amazing Naomi Campbell and Giannina Oteto. The work was good enough months ago but I decided to rework Naomi to better convey my fashion skills in a less literal way. Two nights of little to no sleep but in the end I was happy with my efforts. BTW don't ever do this unless you feel very strongly about it. No sleep = more frustration and you need all your faculties in place until the show opens.

Things that went wrong.

  • Pressure? OH YEAH. 10 days, 4 are weekend days and no one is working. 
  • To be or not to be VGWAYMER, VG WAYMER or VG Waymer and how many versions of Naomi Campbell can I send in an hour?
  • I am pretty computer literate but for some reason the lack of sleep prevented me from pushing a damned red button twice to successfully upload the artwork.
  • A debit card that was refused because the country defaulted to GB rather than USA. Fixed it but not before actually calling the UK to pester the printer after inundating her with at least ten emails. I was straight worrisome! 

More things that went wrong.

  1. No coffee creamer. Additional trips to the grocery to evade concentrating and quell my caffeine headache.
  2. The damned shift key on my Mac keyboard decides to malfunction. Decide to use other thumb to type a capital "I"...maddening...Or I am an egomaniac? 
  3. Wondering if these random thoughts are brought on by caffeine deprivation or am i just procrastinating?
  4. Making the decision to buy a better desk chair in the middle of drawing. Frankly my entire ass hurts. And my bulging disc threatens to shape me into a permanent "L."

Lesson #5 - Be ridiculously grateful for EVERYTHING! - Even the tiresome time wasters, busted keyboards and caffeine headaches. The 5 hour time zone difference. The utter courtesy of the gallery manager Lucy Fiddian-Green when you've sent the umpteenth change in less than 24 hours. No sleep and the increasing attractiveness of Nerds candy after 1am because the crunchy sourness will definitely keep you awake. And revved. I love what I do even when it isn't easy.


If you are in London during the show dates please go see my work. Take a selfie and send it to me. Or you can comment below. Here are my feeds and links.

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Giannina Oteto, Naomi Campbell - the hashtag #melanin

Giannina Oteto, Naomi Campbell - the hashtag #melanin

Source: http://www.vgwaymer.com/onmymind/