Top Nine Favorites 2017 - Making pretty pictures...

Life drawing classes taught by Audrey Goldstein.  Her constant reminder/admonishment/chide was to avoid drawing a solo image but put it in context to better display your/its meaning. Of course, in your youth you think that your work is so breathtakingly great that you can plop something smack dab in the middle of the page (like a mic drop), then move into the annals of great art.

So not true.

Look at Kehinde Wiley's work. Bold figures pushing your imagination to connect Old World master painters with who and what we are now. You get the fact that he's forcing us to see our strength and beauty where it is frequently omitted from the mainstream. By placing them in the context of the mainstream they instantly belong. You can't "unsee" a Kehinde Wiley.

So this drawing inspired by Mimi Giek, @ee_________ made me want to surround her with something reminiscent of an art nouveau type of patterning. Not successful in the "likes" department (if that really matters these days) but an insight that maybe I could/should/will venture into creating "whole" pictures.  

ee Mimi