naomi campbell


Artists are supposed to record what they see. For the last two weeks I've been seeing change. Life getting getting real for a very pregnant young woman who I've known since she was in 4th grade. Life's changing for our girls graduating high school, finishing the first year of college and my own baby graduating college. Life widening experiences for my son who is jumping way into the deep end enrolling in school adding to his experiences to enrich his passion, cutting my over care taking tendencies short. Life ending much too quickly for people that have been the markers and sign posts in all our lives. Like we just finished sharing a coffee.  

Life is too short to do anything but what the hell you want to. Of course you can't do that right? Not without getting the stank eye from your nearest and dearest. So if you really want to be respectful and not stir up the shit too much you retreat into a safe well worn path. If you really feel you have to do that then please just try this.

See, really see what is happening now. Your breath. Your full stomach. The sun on your face. Running from the rain so your wig won't get snappy. Go outside of the lines once in a while. Try something different. Be different. Change a little something. Every so often.

Tonight I was inspired by Naomi. I like her natural hair in Vogue Brasil Black edition and I like the fact that she's beyond caring about that well worn path. I tried something different but really the same. Stirring slowly.