Lesson #3 Brick Lane Gallery or What I Learned About Setting Up A Show in the UK

3. Dollars to Donuts and British Pound Sterling

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The logistics of preparing for a show are somewhat foreign to me. My prior experiences involved me handing off work to the curator or gallery owner and then devoting my attentions to what I was going to wear to the opening. 

Because the timing was critical to pulling all this off I asked for advice from Iolabs whose services I was extremely pleased with for the DNA Exhibition. Emma was helpful but the timing, specifically shipping, the costs and the absence of a Plan B should the work be delayed or worse yet lost made my curls stand up at least two inches higher and my mood plummet dangerously close to the stress - eating on switch. My godmother offered her help with the selection and that was enough of a reminder to listen to my heart. Then after chatting with a friend it all seemed doable if not glaringly obvious because she cheerfully asked if I'd considered preparing the pieces in London. I love my friend. Seriously. DUH.

The gallery manager was wonderful recommending several printers all within a reasonable distance and with good reputations. Now onto narrowing down the pieces. Down into the rabbit hole.

Lesson #3 - Talking it over with your posse helps. Not every one of my friends is an art expert. Some of them feign the inability to draw a straight line. But most of my posse knows me...sometimes better than I do myself. They know that I won't think of the obvious options because I'm still mulling over Lessons #1 and #2. My gut is my guide but the logistics lie a bit higher up.  Call for reinforcements. Your guides. Those within a text away and those reached by meditation and prayer. 

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the hashtag #melanin - Giannina2 detail

the hashtag #melanin - Giannina2 detail

Lesson #1 Brick Lane Gallery or What I Learned About Setting Up A Show in the UK

For the last year and a half I've been envisioning London. I've always been an Anglophile in some way shape or form enjoying BBCOne or waiting with baited breath about this season's installment of Doctor Who. So when an email popped open last Wednesday with an invitation to be part of an upcoming show from Brick Lane Gallery located in London I literally fell off my office chair. BIG boom. 

The show is called Works On Paper and will run from September 28th thru October 9th. It took me two days to get my mind together and now that the work has been submitted I wanted to share the 5 most important lessons I learned during this process. Here's the first:

1. Surprise Surprise - Why?

In all recent dealings with my art I am constantly amazed at how much I want to be known for my creativity but doubt when that notoriety occurs! My focus since 2009 has been on attaining that type of notoriety and I have devoted energy, time and most of all worked on my dream everyday since then. I practice a silent self deprecation wondering if too much grinning will snatch my professional edges and put me back in my place.

Lesson #1 - You get what you ask for. No one is an "overnight success". EVER. Don't be fooled. If you envision it. It will happen. That old saying, 'Be careful what you ask for!', is written all over this. Don't be surprised when what you've asked for comes your way. If you've worked for it WHY shouldn't it be yours to claim?

Check out my FB page VeeDraws The Brick Lane Gallery invite and my Instagram feed for more. (Click on the italicized words to link to more info) 

Read Lesson #2...More to follow on Tuesday, September 20th

Click the image to access the event invite.

Click the image to access the event invite.

I missed this...

You wait and wish and hope and work your fingers to bloody stumps. You lose sleep, mess up relationships and avoid human contact, food and fun. You sit and sit until your love handles grab you by your throat and make you realize that you missed something. Something kinda big.

Okay it's not ALL that serious but I did miss a feature by Styleblazer back in August of this year! I was featured in "15 Artists You MUST Be Following on Instagram" by Sara Humphries. I love being recognized as should we all however what makes it even better is that I'd been working like I wasn't one of those 15 artists. 

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